How Does Dr. Repellent Work?

Dr. Repellent® is a proprietary blend of Sulphur and Pure Essential Oils that are considered botanical repellent and insecticide. Dr. Repellent® carefully handpicked the ingredients to create a synergistic mixture, thus enhancing its effectiveness, providing full protection up to three hours.

The existing natural insect repellents in the market are just usually a combination of 3-5 natural ingredients such as essential oils. Essential oils are derived from the leaves, stems, flowers, or twigs of plants, and usually acquire the odor or flavor of the plant after the process of extraction. Many of these essential oils have insect repellent and insecticidal capabilities. The use of essential oils and sulphur as repellent and insecticide even dates back from thousands of years ago.

A formula consisting of a single essential oil can only create a very weak repellent.  Amalgamating essential oils together creates a synergistic effect, as opposed to an additive effect. In accordance with this statement, using three essential oils together can be 10 to 15 times stronger than a repellent with only one essential oil. The use of 7 essential oils together can achieve a strength that is 15–30 times as strong as using just a single essential oil, enhanced with the power of sulphur.
There are valuable benefits in using natural insect repelling oils:

  • They remove or ward off insects very quickly
  • The natural scent of the oil calms, refreshes and relieves the body
  • It is non-toxic and environmentally friendly
  • It is very easy to apply on body, clothing and other surfaces
  • Many oil based insect repellents serve the dual purpose of sunscreen to protect them from sun and insect at the same time.

There is no doubt that essential oils are very concentrated and potent compounds. Literally, there hundreds of obtainable essential oils but not all of them can be utilized due to its toxicity and sensitizing effects and even more so combining them together.  Some essential oils possess antagonistic effect when combined to another essential oil. Others do not have insect repellent/insecticidal capabilities.

Dr. Repellent® has combined not just one but eight naturally sourced ingredients with repellent and insecticidal properties - against flying, biting and sucking insects. This is the only repellent that contains Sulphur which is one of the oldest known natural pesticides. It is also the preferred natural treatment against the highly-contagious disease called Scabies. It does not elicit scabies mite resistance and completely safe to use on children and relapse cases of scabies. Some of the essential oils that Dr. Repellent® contains such as cedar, citronella and lemongrass, when used in their pure and undiluted form can cause irritation. In order to prevent this side effect, the sensitizing properties are neutralized by rosemary, sunflower and tea tree oils. 

Dr. Repellent® constitutes potent ingredients so it is prepared and diluted to certain levels suitable for all skin types. Generally, Dr. Repellent® is well tolerated by the skin, rapid-acting, non-toxic, perspiration-resistant and has fresh, clean scent. Moreover, Dr. Repellent® has a broad spectrum of activity (i.e. should repel/kill as many harmful and annoying insects as possible) and the protection of the treated skin areas/ clothing/surfaces is to last up to three hours or the longest possible period of time.
Dr. Repellent® has dual effect on insects. Insects breathe by means of tubes that open at the body surface in spi