Best Repellent for Wasp

There is no need to use potentially harmful and poisonous chemical sprays to get rid of wasps. Dr. Repellent offers you a 100% natural and safe way to keep wasps at bay.

Wasps although annoying, should be regarded as beneficial insects. They usually prey on other insects, most of which are pests. The best ways to prevent unpleasant encounters with wasps is to avoid them. Generally, wasps become very defensive if their nests are disturbed.

Though using chemical pesticides to control wasps can be effective, but these can be dangerous to the environment too.

Are Chemicals The Right Option?

Most of the chemical sprays used for repelling wasps contain harmful ingredients such as DEET that can be dangerous to be used around children and pets. And while you don’t want you little one to get stung, you also don’t want them playing around chemicals that can harm them.

Repelling Wasps - The Natural Way

Wasps tend to dislike the smell of essential natural oils and Dr. Repellent comprises of a range of essential organic oils as its active ingredients to repel wasps naturally.

Dr. Repellent is the number one choice of medical practitioners to help repel wasps the natural way. Comprising of Citronella Oil (cymbopogonnardus), Lemongrass Oil, Peppermint Oil and Mineral Oils to name a few, this solution is not only effective in keeping away the wasps but its Sulphur Homeopathic Tincture is extremely good for the skin too.

Why Choose Dr. Repellent

  • Finally a safe way to repel pesky wasps without any harmful chemicals
  • Formulated with the purest and safest concentration of natural oils to ward off wasps naturally
  • Lab tested for proven effectiveness to keep wasps at bay

DEET free within minimum to no side effects

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