Best Repellent for Ticks – It Works!

While Permethrin and DEET can be used as effective tick repellants, both have come under criticism for possible human side-effects. Contrary to this, natural tick repellants like Dr. Repellent is not only safe, but has no side-effects too! 

Ticks are nasty and pernicious little critters that are characterized as bloodsucking parasites. These are the primary vector for Lyme disease - an unpleasant and potentially serious illness that is worth avoiding.

Ticks and Lyme Diseases

Ticks become the carriers of Lyme diseases when the larvae or nymph feeds on an infected host. Generally, nymphs represent the greatest threat owing to their microscopic size. They are responsible for causing most Lyme diseases in humans.

Are Chemical Tick Repellants the Right Choice?

DEET is a chemical mosquito repellant that also works against ticks. However, it only works as a second line of defense.

Permethrin, on the other hand is an insecticide, derived from a chemical. Usually, it is sprayed on the clothes and if applied on the skin directly, its effects are countered by the oils on our skin.

Both DEET and Permethrin have come under the scanner as they have been associated with human side-effect histories of neurological damage, Gulf War syndrome and have even proved fatal in some cases.

Go Natural to Avoid Ticks

#1 choice of medical professionals, Dr. Repellent is a 100% safe and natural way to keep ticks at bay.

Comprising of natural oils, such as Citronella Oil (cymbopogonnardus) &Lemongrass Oil along with Sulphur Homeopathic Tincture as its active ingredients, Dr. Repellent is capable of effectively fighting away the ticks without any side effects.

Choose Dr. Repellent for:

  • Rapid elimination of ticks
  • Safe and natural way to stop itching and re-infestation
  • Chemical free and pesticide free formula with no side-effects

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