Best Repellent for Fleas

Fleas can not only make your pet uneasy and itchy, but they can also bring along a host of other problems. Read along the following article to learn how to get rid of fleas naturally!

Fleas are the type of wingless parasite that feed upon human and animal blood such as cats & dogs. They live on the host body, biting the skin and sucking the blood. This can cause serious irritation to you or your pet. Since, fleas thrive upon a range of hosts, diseases can be easily transferred between different hosts.

Types of Flea Infestations

  • Cat Flea
  • Dog Flea
  • Human Flea

Symptoms of Flea Bite

Extreme itchiness is the first symptom of flea bite. A swollen red bump develops within half an hour of the bite. Within a day, this bump turns into a small blister. If left untreated, this tiny blister can cause secondary infection caused due to intense scratching.

Fleas and Your Pets

Cats and dogs are the most common reservoirs of fleas. Your pet may be infested with fleas in case it scratches too often. You can check for fleas by parting the fur of your pet, especially around the ears and rump area.

Flea Treatment

Traditional flea treatments include ingesting tablets or application of chemical solutions or powders onto the fur of the animals.

However, most of these chemical solutions contain pesticides and other slew of toxic ingredients that are linked with hundreds of pet diseases, such as loss of fur. In worst cases these treatments have even resulted into animal deaths. 

Dr. Repellent – Get Rid Of Fleas Naturally

Dr. Repellent is a widely recommended flea repellent. It not only eliminates fleas but also prevents them from coming back.

Help your pets get free from flea infestation without any chemicals. Dr. Repellent contains pure and essential organic oils as its active ingredients, such as Citronella Oil (cymbopogonnardus) Lemongrass Oil Peppermint Oil Mineral Oil to name a few.

In addition, Dr. Repellent also contains SulphurHomeopathic Tincture that not only aids in faster skin recovery but also prevents further fleas infestation.

Use Dr. Repellent to get relief from:

  • Intense itching caused by flea bites
  • Clustered rashes and sore skin conditions

Appearance of burrows in the skin.

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