Best Repellent for Chiggers

Chiggers are one of tiniest of bugs that often go unnoticed when they attack the skin, but don’t get fooled by their size; their bites are a powerful punch.

Chiggers are tiny red mites that bite very hard and are also known as the harvest or red mites. When they bite, you may not feel anything, but the itching that follows can become unbearable.

The best way to prevent them is using an effective repellent.  But before that know the chiggers more closely and find out what they are and how they may be harmful to the humans –

What Are Chiggers?

Chiggers are bugs and belong to the arachnid family, which includes the likes of scorpions and spiders. They are extremely tiny and to be precise, they are smaller than the size of the full stop put at the end of a sentence.

Chiggers are not very common inside homes, but can be abundantly available in the outdoors, especially grassy fields along streams and lakes. They are also found in forests that are damp and moist, and where the chigger can find plenty of places to feed on animals.

What Happens When The Chiggers Bite?

If observed under the microscope or a magnifying glass, the chiggers show tiny claws, which they use to clasp to the skin of animals and humans.

Once they attach themselves with the skin, they pierce through it, and leave behind their saliva.

The saliva is full of digestive juices that are capable of dissolving the skin cells.  In other words we can say that the saliva can eat the skin cells.

The chigger clings to the skin for a few days, after which it falls off, leaving behind red bumps all over the skin.

The places where they bite feel itchy and the red areas appear like watery pimples.

They usually cling a person’s waist, warm skin folds, and ankles. The red marks get bigger with every passing days and appear in groups.

The itch and red bumps heal in one or two weeks.

Use Dr. Repellent for Chigger

Dr. Repellent is the best remedy for chiggers. It is made of 100% natural ingredient and is DEET free, which ensures that humans are not harmed by the use of any chemicals.

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