Dr. Repellent - Natural bug, mite, insect repelling formula spray. Safe and effective.

What is Dr. Repellent® ?

Dr. Repellent® is a FDA-Approved, CHEMICAL-FREE, DEET-FREE natural insect repellent spray that can shield your entire family from biting insects and various types of mites manufactured in a cGMP certified laboratory and FDA inspected facility. Dr. Repellent® not only protects you and your family from all kind of insects but also from dangerous contagious mites such as scabies

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Dr. Repellent® repels safely and powerfully against:

Mosquitoes - Chiggers - Ants - Hornets - Bees - Wasps
Fleas - Ticks - Lice - Scabies - Spiders

Health Hazard of using DEET-based Repellents

Be wary of using insect repellant containing DEET on children. Children are more susceptible to subtle brain changes caused by chemicals in their environment because their skin more readily absorbs them. Also, their still-developing nervous systems are more potently affected. For the same reasons, NEVER use insect repellant containing DEET on infants.

item Mosquitoes
item Mites
item Bugs
Safe & Effective!

Natural Insect Repelling Formula

Dr. Repellent<sup>®</sup>  is 100% Natural, to ensure you and your family's health and safety with the most effective repelling formula in the market.

Our Ingredients

Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil

An antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral

Pure Plant Oil Complex

Natural UV ray blocker

Stearic Acid (from Coconut)

Scent is irritant for insects

Citronella Oil

Natural mosquito/insect repellent

Sunflower Oil

Safe skin moisturizer

Natural Plant Sulfur

Has insect repelling and skin healing properties

Dr. Repellent® Packages and Pricing

Dr. Repellent® is recommended for people with active lifestyle and always on the go. Protect yourself, your kids and family from nasty insect bites using the power of nature. Excellent for indoor and outdoor use, absolutely child-friendly!

Dr. Repellent® is an all-in-one natural repellent that repels mosquitoes, bugs, ticks, flies, and other flying & crawling insects. Safe and effective natural insect, bug, and mite spray.